ules on the gathering of data on the w

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ules on the gathering of data on the w

Post  lynk2510 on 11th April 2011, 00:31

In elections to regional legislatures in RUSSIA, United Russia, the pro-Kremlin party, swept the board. But in several regions it took fewer votes than some observers had expected. The Communists finished a distant second.

In a television interview, Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, son of the Libyan ruler, said that his father's regime had helped fund NICOLAS SARKOZY'S 2007 presidential election campaign. However, he provided no evidence for the claim and a spokesman for the president issued a denial.

The embattled government in BAHRAIN invited 2,000 troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on to its soil to help its security forces curb a growing protest movement. After police opened fire on a crowd of mainly Shia demonstrators, the government declared martial law.

In YEMEN protests spread against President Ali Abdullah Saleh but were met with a fierce crackdown.

Five members of an ISRAELI family were murdered in a West Bank settlement. The attack was blamed on Palestinian extremists.

In NIGER Mahamadou Issoufou, a long-time opposition leader, won an election run-off and was declared president.

A court in CUBA sentenced Alan Gross, an American aid worker, to 15 years in prison. Mr Gross was arrested in December 2009. Cuba's government said he was illegally distributing satellite equipment and accused him of subversion. Meanwhile, Cuba's government devalued the convertible peso by 8% against the dollar. The communist island is suffering a foreign-exchange shortage.

MEXICO'S government confirmed a report that it has allowed unmanned American drones to fly over its territory to gather intelligence on drug-traffickers.

PepsiCo announced that it had developed the world's first bottle to be made entirely of a plastic consisting of plant-based materials, which can be fully recycled. Its "green bottle" is composed of switch grass, pine bark and corn husk. Pepsi hopes to produce bottles in the future using orange and potato peels and other by-products from food.

Microsoft released a new version of Internet Explorer, which includes a tracking-protection feature to give users more control over personal information that is shared with websites. Meanwhile, the White House threw its weight behind a push to establish tougher rules on the gathering of data on the web in a mooted "privacy bill of rights".
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