Pre-dreadnought battleship

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Pre-dreadnought battleship

Post  tungduong_9102 on 22nd December 2010, 18:57

Pre-dreadnought battleship is the general term for all of the types of sea going battleships built between the mid-1890s and 1905. Pre-dreadnoughts replaced the ironclad warships of the 1870s and 1880s. Built from steel, and protected by hardened steel armour, pre-dreadnought battleships carried a main battery of very heavy guns in turrets supported by one or more secondary batteries of lighter weapons. They were powered by coal-fuelled triple-expansion steam engines.

In contrast to the chaotic development of ironclad warships in preceding decades, the 1890s saw navies worldwide start to build battleships to a common design as dozens of ships worldwide essentially followed the design of the British Majestic class.[1] The similarity in appearance of battleships in the 1890s was underlined by the increasing number of ships being built. New naval powers such as Germany, Japan and the United States began to establish themselves with fleets of pre-dreadnoughts, while the navies of Britain, France and Russia expanded to meet these new threats. The decisive clash of pre-dreadnought fleets was fought between the Russians and Japanese during the Battle of Tsushima on 27 May 1905.[2]

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